How to Invest in a Post-Covid World

Barron’s recently posted an article titled “How to Invest for a Post-Covid World” where they surveyed top advisors, money managers, and asset-allocation experts to help determine the investment landscape path forward. Experts such as John Rogers, chairman and CEO of Ariel Investments, Ghislain Gouraige, managing director of the Gouraige Kaplan Ravient Team, Ben Inker, head of asset allocation at GMO, Rob Arnott, partner and Chairman of Research Affiliates, and Patrick Fruzzetti, managing director of Rosenau Group at Hightower, all agreed that constructing a portfolio for the post-covid world requires a reset of expectations and offered a brief perspective on allocations within and between stocks, bonds, alternative assets, and cash.

Patrick Fruzzetti’s perspective aligns with what many precious metals investors view as advantages of including gold as part of their personal investment portfolio advising “investors not to overlook what he views as the best hedge of all—gold.” Fruzzetti states “It’s a hedge against inflation, and now we see it as an asset class that will increase over time. If you think of your portfolio like an orchestra, gold has its place. Every asset has its own job.”

The complete article can be viewed here however, unless you are an Apple News subscriber it is hard to find a copy of the full article without a Barron’s subscription.


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Photo: Arindam Mahanta