Gold Price Chart

First Gold Group’s gold chart is designed to help you compare the price of gold over a specific period of time. You can review gold for as far back as 1990 and use it to compare against multiple indexes, including: The Dow, The S&P 500, FTSE 100, Gold Bugs index, Crude Oil, and the US Dollar. Our charts are live and updated in real time.

Tips on using charts and comparisons:
First, take a look at the peaks and valleys; compare it against the other indices. What are the trends? Are they correlated (move up and down together?) or non-correlated (move inversely or opposite?). Gold tends to be a non-correlated asset against other investments; do you notice that trend? While this isn’t a perfect predictor of where the price will go, it is one way to reinforce that anytime is a good time to become invested as long as you understand what you are hedging against or investing for.

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A short note on spot price

This chart captures the “spot gold” price, it does not give you the actual price of a gold bar or coin. Just like the cost of grapes does not determine the price of wine, but certainly contribute to its flavor, the actual “price” of a gold coin or bar is determined by the “flavor” of coin or bar that you acquire. “Flavors” might include the supply and demand of a particular gold bar or coin, the numismatic value (collectible value), or even the actual manufacturing cost of the product.

The spot price of gold changes throughout the day, and sometimes during the night as gold is generally traded all around the world, at all hours of the day. So the influences on the gold price might include relative factors of other country’s interest rates, currency value, inflation, stock market movement, gold mining, manufacturing and/or jewelry demand.

For us in the United States, the value and strength of the dollar can heavily influence the price of gold. Therefore, analyzing trends related to the gold index and US Dollar index may provide useful information related to your decision to invest in gold.

We hope these charts inspire you to get involved today by either purchasing gold products from our online store or by calling one of our knowledgeable Account Executives to discuss your interests in adding gold to your personal investment portfolio.

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