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The First Gold Group team is passionate about what is important to you and your interest in owning physical precious metals. We provide you with the convenience of purchasing from our online store, www.firstgoldgroup.com, or you can contact us by phone, text or online chat and communicate directly with one of our experienced representatives. Our extensive precious metals industry experience has provided us with a comprehensive understanding of what good service looks, and feels like. We genuinely strive to treat our clients “like gold” and provide personalized service, regardless of order size.

We understand acquiring precious metals can be a very personal and important event for our clients. Whether you are looking to diversify your personal investment portfolio, create a hedge against inflation, transcend concerns over economic uncertainty, achieve wealth creation and preservation for you and your family, or to simply enjoy the thrill of owning precious metals, we will treat each of your acquisitions with the importance it deserves.

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Perhaps equally as important as the quality of the service you can expect to receive when you entrust us with your business is our commitment to not subject you to questionable practices commonly found in the precious metals industry. Those practices, among others we are committed to avoiding to protect your interests, include:

  • We will not engage in the practice of “swapping.” The practice of swapping occurs when a broker recommends you “swap” one metal for another. For example, a broker may suggest that you sell back some of your gold products to purchase more silver products. Each transaction in the process of swapping generates additional fees and erodes your equity, making it difficult to earn a profit on your precious metals investments.
  • We will not engage in leverage type transactions. A leverage transaction occurs when a broker recommends you either borrow money from them, or use metals you already own as collateral, to purchase more metals. Each transaction generates interest and storage charges that need to be overcome to achieve profitability.
  • We will not direct the establishment of a self-directed checkbook IRA. A self-directed checkbook IRA involves potential drawbacks or costs that are often over looked or downplayed, and may subject you to increased IRS scrutiny. Once your tax or legal professional has helped you establish your Self-Directed IRA/LLC call First Gold Group and we will be happy help you acquire your metals and coordinate their transfer to your IRS approved storage facility.
  • We know how hard you have worked to build a retirement nest egg. Although you are in complete control over the products you would like to acquire for your self-directed precious metals IRA, we will kindly dissuade you from completing an acquisition consisting entirely of premium products as this strategy may expand your anticipated profitability timeline.

Above all else, we are committed to treating you with a high degree of professionalism, courtesy and respect. We hope to win your business, and earn your trust. It would be our pleasure to serve you.

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